What is CorpPass?

What is CorpPass- Singapore has a vision to build a smart nation and one key component of this would be to have smart government services as the backbone to encourage the widespread adoption of technology across the nation.

Our Prime Minister has said that,

The need for Singapore to be a “smart nation”, using the latest technology to benefit the country, is about making life better for the people and more.”

This was set up to allow for both individuals and corporate officers to have a password and ID to log into over 200 Singapore government websites to enhance security for login and for access control to government portals.  This article will set out what you need to know about Corppass.

What is Corppass?

This is the Login and ID required for every corporate entity/business for logging into any Singapore government portal.  It is being managed by Govtech, the leading Singapore government authority for technology solutions for the whole of the Singapore government.

When do I need to use Corppass?

For a sole proprietor or partnership, to register your business and do annual filings, ACRA will require you to register a Corppass. 

For a Singapore company, you would need a Corppass to do online filings and registrations and filing of annual returns and filing of tax returns with IRAS for your annual company filings. 

Other uses of a Corppass would include the filing of registrations with the Singapore Land Authority for real estate related filings and transactions.

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How do I signup for Corppass?

Setting up a CorpPass requires for the CorpPass Administrator to set up an account on the CorpPass website.  Then the CorpPass Admin will then set up sub-accounts within its organization for its own internal staff.

Who can apply for a Corppass Admin Account for an entity?

In order to approve the registration online, the registered officer (RO) must be a SingPass holder.

For UEN Entities, you are encouraged to include at least one RO who is a SingPass holder for a faster registration process.

If not, you can include RO(s) who are non-SingPass holders. However, this process may take longer as you will need to seek approval via a Letter of Authorisation, and upload this along with the RO’s Identity Document. If all required documents are submitted in good order, Govtech will take at least five working days to approve your Administrator account.

Do contact Raffles CPA support team if you have any queries about setting up of your account and we will see how we can assist you for your online registration needs.

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